This is interesting...

american eagle

What prep label are you?

Yeah so it is my favorite label... but the quiz is misleading. You answer all this insightful questions about "who you are" but the last question says:

Your favorite brand is:
*American Eagle
*Ralph Lauren
*Tommy Hilfiger

...and no matter how truthfully you answered all those questions before, whatever one you pick for this last question is the "brand" you are. You might have all the personality qualities of Ralph Lauren but if you like wearing Abercrombie the best, you ARE Abercrombie. Personally... I wouldn't want to be Abercrombie because then I'd be half dressed on the cover of a magazine with a guy who is barely dressed. THIS... is why I don't shop at Aber-trashy-ads... even though I like their clothes.

And FIY... where *I* come from... Tommy Hilfiger is NOT a prep label. Thank you for your time.


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